One on one virtual lessons are now available on a 15” Cricket rigid heddle loom.  The loom is shipped to you from my studio, already warped, with a scarf that I will design for you to weave based on colors that you prefer.  


Once you’ve received the loom, the first class will be geared towards learning to weave, terminology, and learning about a variety of yarn choices.  After learning to weave and finishing your scarf, we will review choosing yarns for future projects, and resources for weaving yarns. This includes calculating yarn needs for a particular project, and making good decisions in order to achieve success and confidence in weaving. The last class will address designing, making and dressing the loom, so you will be able to make warps in the future by yourself, and know and understand the complete process from beginning to end.


The program includes the following:


Class #1: Learning to Weave

Class #2: Finishing your weaving

Class #3: Warping the loom


The total cost of this package is $625, which includes a warped and ready to use assembled 15” Cricket Loom, designer quality weft yarn to weave your first project, all the accessories that come with the loom, including 2 stick shuttles, 2 clamps, one peg, a booklet, 2 skeins of worsted yarn, and a separate boat shuttle with 6 bobbins to get you weaving.

Loom and lessons package