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Dahlia Popovits’ textile gallery in Boston's Sowa Art and Design district features her creations and garments and accessories, by her and other talented handmade artisans.

Inside Dahlia Gallery, visitors are enveloped by a soft, multi-colored cocoon of fabrics in textured array of colors and a multitude of techniques,  forming what is called wearable art..

This is the world of Dahlia Popovits, weaver and clothing designer, artist and artisan, mother and businesswoman.

Dahlia Gallery features handmade and hand-dyed silk scarves from textile artists across the United States, as well as multi-colored hand woven vests, tunics and jackets designed and made by Popovits herself in the production studio behind the showroom. The natural fiber fabrics include rayon, bamboo, and cotton/bamboo blends.


Dahlia’s handwoven clothing can also be seen at some of the top craft shows around the country.  Please check our Events page to see where we will be next.

Dahlia Popovits has been weaving creative cloth for 40 years. She designs and hand-weaves all the garments and accessories in her collection.

The tactile aspect of the work also draws her in, as she encourages a visitor to feel the softness of a bamboo jacket. Bamboo has become a popular material for environmentally-conscious clothing designers because of its sustainability. “It’s an incredibly comfortable fiber that wicks away moisture and is comfortable year round.”

Many women who buy Dahlia designs return year after year to add to their collection. As her clients have moved into their retirement years, she has moved away from business attire and toward clothing for special events, travel and leisure.


“The idea is to make clothes that work for my customers' lifestyle... Color, style and comfort are woven into each garment and accessory."

Inspired by fashion, color, texture and nature, her clothing is comfortable, stylish and distinctive, with fans who know it when they see it on other women. “When somebody wears a Dahlia garment to a meeting or function and another woman says, ‘Oh, you’re wearing a Dahlia,’ it’s recognized, and that to me feels great.”

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